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There is an old saying in Japan that beautiful hair can make any woman beautiful. When an archeological excavation discovered a 7000-year-old comb, it seemed to imply this way of thinking has been around for a long time. As a matter of fact, Japanese women put much effort into maintaining dark and luscious hair.

The Japanese ancestors believed that Tsuge combs made of Japanese boxwood made hair healthy and shiny because they caused less static electricity, preventing hair from breaking off.  They thought Japanese boxwood was better than different materials for making combs. Japanese boxwood is considered to be a rare type of wood, and is sometimes imported from overseas. Tsuge combs made in Oita prefecture often use domestic boxwood from the Kyushu Region. The superior quality of these materials allows the comb to slide smoothly and gently down your hair. It is said that continuous usage of a Tsuge comb may help to improve hair texture as well. You can find Tsuge combs at 100 yen shops (a dollar stores), but the material may not be boxwood, so make sure to check when you buy.

Here is a traditional way of using a Tsuge comb; dip it in Camellia oil overnight before using it. This will make your hair even more luscious. By the way, Japanese Sumo wrestlers use Camellia oil for their hair, too! Camellia oil is light and does not harm the comb. You can use a small plastic bag for the comb and oil. Before using it, you must remove any excess oil. You may want to repeat the above steps once in a while so that the comb is always well lubricated.

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