Japanese Sake (Hyogo Prefecture)

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Nadagogo is a wide area encompassing East Nada-ku of Osaka, Kobe city‘s Nada and Nishinomiya city of Hyogo prefecture. The area has been blessed with abundant rice and mineral water, which has lead it to brew one of the best sakes in Japan. In addition, seaports are located nearby, which is also ideal for the sake industry. As a result, Nadagogo has continued to flourish as one of the best sake producers in Japan.

Nada’s Sake, named after the place, began to receive attention in about the 18th century, when ships started frequently transporting goods between Kansai (which Hyogo is a part of) and Tokyo. Nada’s location, which has easy access to the ports, enabled large quantities of sake wooden barrels to be delivered to Tokyo.

Discovery of a pure mineral water called Miya-sui had contributed to the superior quality of Nada’s Sake. Miya-sui is hard water that has high content of phosphate and low content of iron. It became of the keys to making great sake, and brought fame to the Nadagogo area.

It is not all that easy for sake drinkers to find “the one” – a match made in heaven!  Nishinomiya city launched a new brand – Nada no kiippon. Nine sake brewers in the area joined forces to create this brand. Under the same brand name, each brewer makes its own sake using one’s recipes, methods and so on. One of the required standards are that they must use only rice, kome-koji and water to make this pure natural sake. Nada no kiippon has consistency in bottle sizes and labels that make it easy to for people who are not familiar with sake to select one they like. For example, Ozeki, Japan’s largest sake company, creates sake which it wishes to sell under the Nada no kiippon brand. Ozeki must then follow the standardized labeling, which contains graph bars indicating whether the sake is rich, full-bodied, a bit dry, mild and etc., along with the accurate alcohol proof. 

Japanese sake often has a high alcohol proof. It is easy to get drunk without realizing it when drinking it. The clear labels are quite useful to know what you are getting and help sake drinkers find “the one”.


Photo by Nadagogo Brewers Association

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