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Some may find it surprising to hear that mango, the popular tropical fruit, is grown in Japan. Thanks to its subtropical climate, with the most daylight hours and the highest precipitation levels in Japan、Miyazaki has natural tropical and subtropical vegetations. As a result, agricultural and livestock farming is one of the main industries here.

The dream of Miyazaki mango was seeded by farmers who wanted to become mango growers in 1985. In 1986, two farms began implementing their dream.  Eight more farms then joined the project in the following year. However, it turned out to be a very difficult undertaking, particularly because they could not figure out why black spots were appearing on the mangoes. As a result, during the next eight years, farmers had no revenue from their Mango growing. One day, they realized that ripened mangos that had fallen naturally on the ground were delicious. They came up with the new idea of placing a net under each mango so that it wouldn’t fall after it had ripened. In this way, Miyazaki farmers finally succeeded in creating the sweet and delicious mangoes of their dreams! Soon after this, they created the brand name “Sun Egg” for these ripened mangos, whose sugar level is quality controlled at 15 percent or more.

Various products have been developed from the juice of Sun Eggs, including drinks, Jell-O, jam, pies and caramel. Mango pudding mix and mango wine are also very popular.

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