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Yuzu is a citrus fruit with a lighter flavor than oranges and lemons. It is utilized in many aspects of daily life in Japan.  For example, Yuzu is considered to be one of the most popular fragrances in Japan. Yuzu juice is also often used to give a tart flavor and citrus fragrance to dishes. Yuzu juice and peels are both used in a similar way to their lemon counterparts in general. Adding a couple of Yuzu peels can really enhance a dish. A half-cut Yuzu that has been ridden of its fruit is called a Yuzu cup. These are often used as decoration in traditional Japanese fine dining.

Yuzu has been introduced to Spanish cuisine in recent years, which ignited its popularity with other European cuisines as well.  Yuzu juice goes well with pepper, and makes for a great sauce for grilled fish and steaks. Yuzu surely has a universal appeal for many cuisines around the world. However, Yuzu fruit are not normally eaten alone, because even a ripe one is very sour. Its sourness makes yuzu well-suited for jam-making.

Yuzu is also used to make perfume. Some Japanese companies make Yuzu essential oil, which is subject to high demand around the world. Japanese people also put Yuzu in their bath, because they believe that Yuzu bath prevents from catching colds! In fact, it is a tradition to have a Yuzu bath during the winter solstice. One sees this practice carried out in households but and in the many public baths and spas that cover Japan.  Yuzu baths are believed to have many health benefits, such as promoting blood circulation, which boosts one’s immune system and stimulate hormones. It is also good for easing back pain and arthritis. If you find it difficult to get your hands on Yuzu in stores, take solace in knowing there are many bath products that contain Yuzu on the market as well. These should also be great for your body.


Photo by Kochi Visitors & Convention Association

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