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Miyazaki prefecture is situated in the southeast of Kyushu, with plenty of Date Palm trees that come from the Canary islands just off the northwest of mainland Africa. It has a subtropical climate with long daylight hours and the highest precipitation levels in Japan.  Miyazaki also used to be famous as a honeymoon destination for newlyweds, and Japanese professional baseball teams hold off-season camps here as well.

Today, Miyazaki may be most well-known for its agricultural farming and beef industry. Since 1971, it has established a streamlined system that leads from raising cattle to their processing. The resulting Miyazaki Beef has become recognized across the country for its standards in quality. Only pedigreed Kuroge breed meat rated level 4 or above (with grading done by Japan’s official meat grading organization) is sold under this label. 

Miyazaki Beef has a great reputation for its quality in taste and texture, and was the first Japanese beef to be exported to the United States. It is now exported to other countries as well, including Hong Kong and Singapore. In February 2014, Miyazaki beef recorded the highest degree of frost-like fat formation (Shimofuri) in beef.

As for souvenirs, a packaged beef mix for rice or beef curry is very popular. Enjoy what many consider to be the best meat Japan has to offer.

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