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Ramen, Chinese-style flour noodles served in a soup broth, is one of the most popular dishes in Japan. It comes with various soup flavors, the most common being soy, miso, or pork. Ramen is a universal word of vocabulary overseas, having already spread out to a vast number of countries. Some fanatics even know the special term “Kae-dama”, used when customers who have finished their bowl want to request a refill of noodles to be put into their remaining soup.

Tokushima ramen is something true ramen lovers know about. It started receiving a national recognition in 1999 when a famous ramen restaurant displayed its noodle dishes at an exposition in the Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum.

Tokushima ramen is identifiable by its colors: Its soup is either brown, yellow or white. The noodles in the broth are moderately thin and soft.  The brown soup (sometimes called a black soup) uses Tonkotsu (port bone broth) with dark soy sauce or Tamari soy sauce. The toppings are Chashu (sliced pork), green onions, bean sprouts and a raw egg. This ramen has a hot and sweet flavor. It is also the one that was shown at the Ramen Museum in 1999. Brown soup has become synonymous for Tokushima Ramen ever since.

The yellow soup of Tokushima Ramen is made with chicken or vegetable broth and light colored soy sauce, with toppings of sliced pork, green onions, bean sprouts and various others. The white soup uses the pork bone broth with a light colored or white soy sauce. The toppings pretty much remain the same. All three types of soup are more salty and sweet than the other ramen noodles you will find in Japan. Each ramen noodle restaurant has its own special recipe in Tokushima. They also often sell Ramen kits (Dry noodle and soup base assorted sets) that you can enjoy at home!

Interestingly, the people in Tokuyama consider ramen as something to eat with rice! Its salty taste and small portion are the side-effects of this way of thinking. All ramen restaurants offer white rice on the side, some of them will even give you a bowl of rice on the house! That makes for a lot of carbohydrates! Some people prefer skipping the rice, and getting an extra order of vegetables on their Ramen.

Photo by Tokushima Prefecture Tourism Association

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