Naruto Kintoki

なると金時 なると金時6

The Naruto Kintoki is a popular kind of sweet potato produced in the area around Naruto City in Tokushima Prefecture.

Tokushima offers a mild climate with comparatively little rainfall, as well as sandy-soiled fields rich in ocean minerals. Thanks to the suitability of the Naruto City area to potato cultivation, sweet potatoes have been harvested in the region since the Edo Period (1603-1868).

Potato cultivation became increasingly widespread in the Meiji Period (1868-1912), leading to the development of a number of delicious new breeds. Around 1952, a fast-growing sweet potato known as Kokei 14 was developed, and within a decade, it was planted widely throughout the country.

The Kokei 14 was then further perfected, and in 1979, overcoming quality problems that had plagued the Kokei 14, the Naruto Kintoki was introduced. The name originates from the potato’s land of origin—Naruto—and from the fact that potatoes with gold-colored interiors were traditionally called kintoki-imo, or golden potatoes.

In addition to a rapid growth cycle, the Naruto Kintoki offers a number of advantages in taste and texture. The simple appearance of its brilliant golden interior stimulates the appetite, while its soft and fluffy texture is almost chestnut-like in quality. Further, its high sugar content makes for a delicious flavor. It can be enjoyed in various ways, and tastes great steamed, boiled, baked, fried, and even as a confectionery ingredient. Rich in dietary fiber and vitamins, it’s even said to be good for health and beauty.

Countless dishes make use of Naruto Kintoki potatoes, ranging from washoku like tempura to Western foods such as salads and gratin—even deserts like puddings and traditional yokan sweet bean jelly squares. Regardless of the form, they’re a great way to enjoy the taste of autumn cultivated on the land of Tokushima.

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