Artisanally Brewed Soy Sauce

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Do you notice each county welcomes visitors with its own special fragrance? For example, you may notice a nice smell of coffee as soon as you land at JFK Airport in New York. One can also smell Kimchi in Incheon Airport in Seoul, Camembert cheese in Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, and so on. People who have a very good olfactory sense say they can smell a tint of soy sauce at Narita Airport!

Soy sauce is absolutely indispensable for Japanese cuisine. You can find a wide selection of good quality soy sauce at every supermarket. However, if you really want to taste one of the best soy sauces Japan can offer, please try Tamari. It is a thick soy sauce, brewed in Yuasa cho, Wakayama prefecture — the birthplace of soy sauce in Japan. Tamari is made naturally and manually. Therefore, its production is limited. It has a soft and sweet flavor with the shine and color of amber. Gourmet lovers admire this precious sauce. Wakayama has been one of the hotbed locations for soy sauce brewers for centuries. Some small brewers have been in business for several hundred years and still use wooden drums. Their soy sauce is appreciated as a special gift.

Miso (bean paste) and soy sauce share the same ingredients: soy, flour, salt, and water. Which is older, Miso or soy sauce? The answer is Miso. Soy sauce came from the water sitting at the top during the Miso making process. Soy sauce was discovered by accident!

Tamari soy sauce from Wakayama is known for its thickness and a strong flavor, which is well suited for sushi, sashimi, grilled fish and cooked vegetables. However, it can make for a nice salad dressing as well. Adding a bit of Tamari to your tomato soup can deepen the flavor of the soup and make it more delicious. For an adventurous soul, try a Tamari topping for your vanilla ice cream. Creamy and amber colors go well together and bring an unusual but exquisite flavor created by the sweet vanilla and salty soy sauce. Have fun being creative with Tamari, nature’s fine product.

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Photo by Yuasa Soy Sauce, Co. Ltd

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